Welcome to Cana Calibration - a highly specialized, privately owned and independent operator in the field of multivariate calibration. From our base in Copenhagen we proudly welcome clients from all over the world to whom we offer our spectral calibration services in Danish, English and in French - whichever suits you the best. You can toggle between the languages by clicking the flag icons above to the left.

We specialize in multivariate calibration applied on spectral data and our niche is defined by our three major trademarks which are preprocessing, validation and our way of selecting multiple testsets and calibration sets: 

  • Regarding preprocessing we have developed a special software in order to be able to profoundly explore and combine the multitude of possible mathematical pretreatments (filters) to spectral data. In this way we will succeed in finding the optimal combined preprocessing for any calibration at hand. This task would otherwise demand weeks of work for an extremely focused Engineer or specialist and still it would cause grief when it comes to the question of proper validation.
  • As for the validation we are using state of the art specialized chemometric software developed in-house. We have spared no programming effort as to avoid cutting corners of any kind. This is why we can assure a truly non-jeopardized independence at all time in the crucial model validation regardless the combined preprocessing.
  • We don't just split the data into a testset and a calibration set by random nor do we rely on only one split. We make several splits and we make sure that the sets are fairly alike and good representations of the total data pool. For each and every split we then apply preprocessing and validation in the all-independent way and all of the results are used to decide on the optimal preprocessing and model!

If you have ever questioned whether your chosen preprocessing and your choice of validation do in fact result in the optimal model we invite you to contact us. Treat yourself with what might be a valuable reassurance or perhaps an even more valuable eye opener. Should you then decide to outsource your calibrations and to never again let chance get a prominent say in determining your final model we will be more than happy to render you our unique services at your convenience in a fruitful future cooperation.

Give us a call or drop us a line and we'll see what we can do for you!

  Best regards
  Niels Axel Bucumi Sommer
  CEO and M.Sc. in Food Science & Technology

We rate ourselves based on customer satisfaction.

Basically we work under one constraint only - a relentless pursuit of correctness at all time and in all matters, scientifically as well as in our personal conduct.

Add to this constraint  a keen wish to keep everything to the point and as simple as possible - then you have us figured out quite well.